Adobe Fill & Sign DC Customer Reviews:


App updated and lost multiple templates I created and use for work. Using a file explorer I can see they are still there. Fill & Sign just can no longer see them. Using a more direct method to open files by navigating to them in an explorer, yields no results. Fails to open the PDFs. Do not recommend for to anyone who would be a frequent user.


No issues any time I use this on my S6 Edge. Signature is clear and screen is the right size to write it comfortably. Such a great new thing to introduce especially useful for people who need to sign lots of paper just to scan and send somewhere then bin. Saving paper!!!

No signature really

Great and very useful tool, but: 1. Why convert everything to a bitmap? 2. The signature can't be resize to decent size to fit most forms; it's too large.

Great App.

Easy to move texts and buttons. Tried taking a picture of forms which I simply designed in scratch for testing. Works perfectly. Hope everybody uses this and signatures also working great. 5 stars and 👍.

Font, Difficult to move text, No Zoom option

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I needed to fill out and sign a form to email back to a potential employer for a government job. After having difficulty filling it out because the text is hard to move and took way to much time, I sent it to myself. When I previewed the document, it adopted the font on my phone which is a comic sans based type font which is unprofessional for it. I try to use Times New Roman or Arial at a size 10 or 12 font. I couldn't choose either one of those. No font option. I'm not happy.

Could be better

I wish it allowed you hand write your entries in the blanks as well as type text.




thanks again for all of the way.

Good For Electronic job apps




I Like This!!!

Great idea but...- Can move text but not the signature!

Unusable, can barley move the text and signature. It looks like the touch sensitivity is broken or does not exist. Only app I have a problem with! (Meizu Mx4 Pro). On my Nexus 7 from from 2012 works fine, (it also magnifies the area when moving text) I can drag text without any problems. Hoping for a fix because I would really like to use it on my phone.

Deleted previously inputted data


Like it


What magick is this


Requires an undo feature

Not as easy to use as it could be. resize text needs improvement. Needs a simple undo feature.

Love it

Easy to use. Does what it claims.


very convenient, if you use a stylus you get an exact signarute and the fact that you can fill pdf documents is great

Worst app . Doesn't work at all


Not the best

It's hard to move the text so if you need move it around to fit on a line it's a severe pain trying to select it. There should be an arrow or something to select and move text. I couldn't finish filling out my paper work because it would have taken an hour.

Won't save my files

Every file I create never yeah I'm pretty sure the app use to save file saved every time I backed out

Love It

Does what's on the tin. No more, no less.

Limited folder accessibility

Probably works if you only have a few folders that the app uses. Completely useless if you want to find a document in a folder named "Documents".

Freaking Awesome!

Who needs paper anymore?


Who needs paper or a printer...


I just downloaded fill & sign again to my new phone (Galaxy S7 edge), and it no longer saves my documents, signature, or personal data. There used to be an edit & save option when adding personal info, and now it's gone. 1 star until it's fixed.

Simple, easy, effective

That's exactly what I was looking for!


Great App

This app makes signing paperwork so much easier. It's super simple and very user-friendly.

Adobe sign

Great for signing on the comp

The best app i found for free

It does what it suppose to do . Saved me a lot of time .

Fantastic long awaited feature

Don't work

Can't move signature, locked top of page. Poor app.

Superb app I loved it

Feels like working on a paper incredible app

Awesome helped me in my assignments

Good... To be paper less...

Great App

Everything was done via mobile device then emailed and printed perfectly